(Pepsico) Pepsi's New Challenge

Challenge of Pepsi : New breakthroughs for healthier foods

Pepsi is one of the popular largest snack food company in the world. Day by day they are increasing their business activity. Day by day they will face new and latest challenges. Recent their new challenge is the New breakthroughs for healthier foods.

An American icon in a battle of the Titans, an outspoken leader of a corporate empire; with 19 different billion dollar brands and more than 3,000 products, its not just Pepsi, it is Pepsico (Pepsi).

Frito Lay, Quaker Oats, Tropicana, Gatorade and millions of snacks, sodas and foods consumed day by day in two hundred (200) countries around the planet. In a nation quaked by obesity, a company on a mission to make latest breakthroughs and healthier foods. But not everyone is buying it.

What was once just a drinks cola company is now something much more. After merging with Frito Lay, Pepsi became Pepsico, which is today’s largest snack food company in the world. Everyday some nine (9) million cases of everything from Mountain Dew to Cap'n Crunch are shipped around the country from warehouses like this one.

In this episode of CNBC-TV18's special show, Lestor Holt will take you inside a global powerhouse that has a growing presence in our lives and the unique ability to influence what we eat.


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